2017-10-05 / Editorial

Neronha a good fit for R.I. AG’s office

In an era when so many politicians are viewed as unsavory, Peter Neronha is a tasteful alternative.

The Jamestown resident announced Tuesday he’s seeking to be the state’s next attorney general. Just six-plus months from being removed as Rhode Island’s U.S. attorney, the veteran prosecutor is looking to fill the post he sees as a natural extension of his past work.

The fourth-generation Jamestowner certainly ticks off many of the boxes one would want for the post:

n He’s knowledgeable, passionate and personally vested on many of the issues facing the state and its residents.

He has an impressive track record as a prosecutor and experience in the attorney general’s office.

He has maintained an unsullied independence that likely would allow him to make tough calls while avoiding the potential conflicts of interest that often are pitfalls in the political world.

Neronha also would like to use the post in ways it frequently hasn’t been in the past, such as a bully pulpit to address issues facing the state. By doing so, he could help drive change by exposing certain problems, creating public pressure and even serve in a complementary role in creating legislation to fix the situations.

His position on improving communications, both with communities and constituent groups statewide, as well as with other state agencies, also would be a positive change for the office. These types of ongoing dialogues can help foster better relationships that, in turn, can lead to the sharing of information critical to helping both on the criminal and civil side of the office’s cases.

The election is still more than a year away, and who knows who else may vie for this post, but Neronha is an appetizing candidate with which to start.

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