2017-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Curb bright lights in business district

To the editor:

Now that the town has agreed on a plan to make beautification of this important public space in Jamestown a reality, I’d like to suggest an additional improvement: regulate the nighttime window displays at the East Ferry merchants.

I drove out the other night for a late-night item and from a distance coming south on Conanicus Avenue, wondered what the ultra-white bank of lighting at the East Ferry area was.

As I drew closer, it turned out to be lit signs advertising real estate. Three large picture windows were dominated by this unsightly glow.

I turned right onto Narragansett Avenue and on my way westward, saw all the churches and the town hall were dark, and the commercial storefronts along Narragansett were either dark or had very subdued lighting. (I did see the fire department brightly lit up as well; not sure why that was necessary).

May we as a community agree that after business hours and when night falls, our commercial establishments give consideration to the town residents and think before installing overly bright lighting, and putting it on a timer. I’m not sure who’s trolling for real estate deals at 2 a.m.

Those businesses are vital to our community in more ways than one; it’s not a criticism of either of them, but this is one instance where they’ve put a foot wrong.

S. M. Reilly
Pennsylvania Avenue

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