2017-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Town coyote problem is just getting worse

To the editor:

At the Sept. 18 town council meeting — unfortunately after most people went home — there was a discussion regarding the ongoing coyote problem in Jamestown.

Two questions come to mind: Is there an actual task force, including residents, assigned to the problem?, and what is the timeline for action?

What are the plans for the current coyote population? We have all heard about the recent daylight attack on a 40-pound dog by three coyotes who were not afraid of it’s owner and his air horn. I’m sure Mr. Lepre acted “big, mean, and loud” to no avail.

We shouldn’t need to be armed with leashes, flashlights, horns and weapons to take the dog out in our own back yard. I agree more education and research needs to be done, but the problem is now.

I ordinarily have no problem with wildlife nearby, but at this point they know they have nothing to fear from us and are getting bolder and more aggressive.

If coyote populations mirror the amount of food available, and we remove their current sources, what do we think will happen? Yes, possibly they will starve, (is that the intended outcome here?), but in the meantime, they will only get more aggressive.

This is a current population that cannot “unlearn” a behavior. I’ve got an old dog and a white deaf dog, prime candidates for coyotes, and every night I am afraid to take them out. I’m not happy about it, but I support a cull.

Sharon Streif
North Road

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