2017-10-12 / Letters to the Editor

Town should expand budget voting access

To the editor:

One of America’s founding principles is one-person, one-vote.

One also is guaranteed the right to a private vote. I believe any elected body has the obligation to assure and encourage those rights.

Regarding Jamestown’s annual financial town meeting, our culture has changed dramatically from one that reasonably can expect voters to be available for a certain, short, block of time in which they can exercise their right to a private vote. The five-day, 9 to 5 work week is no longer in existence for many Americans.

While the present structure of the financial town meeting is “a precious part of Jamestown,” the right to vote supersedes that preciousness.

I urge our town council to recognize that mandating a single-day annual vote, during the times generally recognized as “voting hours” and with absentee ballots allowed, will permit all Jamestowners to exercise their Constitutional rights. Sustaining those rights is paramount to a just and fair society.

Alma Davenport
Clinton Avenue

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