2017-10-26 / News

Police: Be on lookout for man breaking into cars

Police are warning residents to lock their cars after a man was witnessed casing the town for unlocked doors.

According to the department’s Facebook page, police have received several reports of a suspicious white pickup truck with a toolbox in the cab. This truck’s driver, the post said, a white man in his mid-30s, was seen Sunday night trying to break into parked cars. Residents who see this truck driving in their neighborhoods should call the police station at 423- 1212.

This report comes two weeks after a silver 2009 Honda Civic was stolen from the East Ferry lot. The Conanicut Marine camera caught a man taking the keys from the counter and then driving away at noon Oct. 10.

The department shared a picture of the alleged thief on its Facebook page. Police Chief Ed Mello did not return calls for an update.

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