2017-11-09 / Letters to the Editor

Town needs skunk problem addressed

To the editor:

If you are a resident of Jamestown, it is almost impossible not to have noticed the overpopulation of skunks on the island.

You also may have experienced different levels of inconvenience at the hands of these skunks.

As a dog owner, I have experienced the odorous offense of skunks more than once and it is truly awful.

In addition to domestic inconvenience, the town of Jamestown also is harmed by skunk roadkill and the massive spread of odor caused by it.

Inconvenience aside, the amount of the skunks in residential areas is truly amazing. When going for a short walk, bike or drive, it is not uncommon to see two, three or four skunks during the course of a couple minutes.

What steps can be taken by the town to solve this issue? Will the problem continue to grow? Will it be necessary to cull the skunk population?

Many questions are raised by this issue, waiting to be answered.

Lucas O’Reilly
Clinton Avenue

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