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Two electricians picketed the construction site at Pemberton Apartments because Jack’s Electric was reportedly using a non-union subcontractor, The Jamestown Press reported Nov. 29, 1990.

Seven workers stopped doing their jobs while the union men picketed the worksite for two hours. A spokesman for the IBEW Local 99 denied any involvement.

100 years ago — Nov. 24, 1917 (Newport Daily News)

A swarm of townspeople enjoyed a minstrel show at the St. Mark guild hall by the enlisted men at Fort Wetherill.

The concert included performances of “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and “From Me to Mandy Lee.” Following the show, there was dancing until 11:30 p.m. to music by the fort’s orchestra.

75 years ago — Nov. 27, 1942 (Newport Mercury)

A test blackout last night was a considerable improvement over the daylight trial conducted earlier in the week.

The Newport warning center ordered the alert that was sounded almost immediately from the Jamestown control hub, which transmitted the signal to sirens scattered throughout town. Nearly all traffic was stopped within three minutes. Wardens reported a single motorist who refused to comply with the blackout; his car number was recorded.

50 years ago — Nov. 27, 1967 (Newport Daily News)

Police are investigating the theft of electrical tools from the home of Joseph E. Pemantell. According to the victim, the thief broke into the Hull Court garage and stole a spray gun, circular saw, battery charger, electric drill and saber saw. Along with the tools, a car radio was missing. The estimated value of the stolen items was $172.

25 years ago — Nov. 25, 1992 (The Jamestown Press)

Mike Plant remains missing after a freighter spotted his 60- foot sloop Coyote overturned roughly 460 miles northeast of the Azores.

As divers from a French salvage tug prepare to enter the capsized sailboat, Plant’s family is holding out hope that he will be inside the hull’s watertight cabin. He also could have departed the scene in his life raft.

Plant, 42, departed New York City in mid-October on a solo transatlantic trip to France. He was expected to arrive in Europe around Halloween.

10 years ago — Nov. 29, 2007 (The Jamestown Press)

The newly elected town council began its tenure with a heated debate over whether to acknowledge individual staff members for their work completing Town Hall.

Councilman William Kelly requested a proclamation to recognize specific department heads, including Tom Tighe, Bruce Keiser, Lisa Bryer, Mike Gray, Tina Collins, Fred Brown, Steve Goslee and Arlene Petit. Council President Julio Di- Gianodo, however, expressed concern about “forgetting someone.” Councilwoman Barbara Szepatwoki agreed with DiGianodo.

“Either we thank everyone or we don’t thank anyone,” she said.

Following the exchange, Kelly’s motion was defeated 4-1. “You heard it here,” he said to the town staff in the audience. “We’re not going to thank you.”

Afterward, Councilman Robert Sutton made a motion to approve a proclamation thanking the entire staff for the design and completion of the building. That motion passed unanimously.

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