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The removal of Indian remains from an ancient burial site beneath pavement on Antham Street drew an angry response from the Narragansett tribe, The Jamestown Press reported Jan. 6, 1995.

“How would they like it if I did that to their grandparents?” asked tribe officer John Brown.

Two skulls were unearthed by public workers who were replacing a water line. State medical examiners, who were dispatched to study the remains, removed them. The skulls will be re-interred when weather permits.

100 years ago — Jan. 4, 1918 (Newport Mercury)

A cable owned by the Providence Telephone Company, which was severed at its crossing of the channel between Newport and Jamestown, was repaired. This brings relief to the lines of the American Telegraph & Telephone Company, which have been responsible for business done via telephone lines during the outage.

The repairing was difficult because of the deep water and extreme weather. One of the ends had been dragged up the bay, and when it was located and buoyed, the buoy was lost overnight.

75 years ago — Jan 9, 1943 (Newport Mercury)

A 19-year-old Jamestown man survived his second mishap at sea after his tanker ran aground on a shoal off the Delaware coast. All 70 men onboard were saved, including Robert Neal Piper, of Mount Hope Avenue.

Previously, Piper was on a tanker that was torpedoed off the Virginia coast in March. He was in the water four hours and suffered an oil burn during that incident.

50 years ago — Jan. 6, 1968 (Newport Daily News)

The next time the town councilors meet, it will be the first time they follow a formal agenda.

Under this new procedure, all business to come before the council must be at the town clerk’s office at noon three days before the meeting. The councilors want to stimulate interest in the town’s affairs by making the agenda public. A copy of the agenda will be posted at Town Hall and the press will receive copies for publication.

25 years ago (The Jamestown Press)

The Jamestown Press did not publish a newspaper this week.

10 years ago — Jan. 4, 2008 (The Jamestown Press)

About 600 registered plungers, along with nearly 600 sold T-shirts, raised $83,000 for Special Olympics Rhode Island during the 31st annual penguin plunge into Mackerel Cove.

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