2018-01-11 / Editorial

Long was dedicated official, fine man


The untimely passing of David Long has motivated me to express my thoughts about this wonderfully witty, intelligent and caring man.

Much was said about David at his moving memorial service last month. I cannot provide any better personal insights into this multi-talented man than those offered by his family. I was witness to his public presence, as we served together on the Jamestown Town Council for six years.

Although we knew each other before our venture into public service in 1999, it was during this time on the council that I saw the truly remarkable person that was David Long. His humor and musical talent had been obvious for many years, but after his election in 1999 and upon assuming the role of president of the council, he was able with his intelligence and strength of his personality, to demonstrate his skill as an effective leader of our community.

Whether dealing with feuding neighbors, complaints about downtown noise or parking or a constituent who at 11 o’clock wanted to read us a poem she had composed, David responded calmly and respectfully.

During his eight years, he was able to guide our town through some difficult times and at the end of his tenure in 2007 much had been accomplished. Preservation of open space, construction of a new town hall and highway barn and substantial improvements to our water supply, including construction of a new water tower and upgrades to the filtration plant were among the accomplishments during his tenure.

He focused on what was best for the town’s people, relying on the advice of town officials and other professionals and his own sense of what was right.

Throughout his time on the council, he had no personal agenda or plans to use the council as a stepping-stone for personal gain. He was dedicated to his beloved wife, Dana, and twin daughters and to the well-being of his town.

Despite physical limitations which may have caused others to pause, slow down or retreat from responsibility, David prevailed in improving the quality of life in our town. His dedication and skill, warm personality and wit made a somewhat trying tenure on the council much more enjoyable.

David Long — a good man and a good friend —will be greatly missed.

Littman, an Ocean Avenue resident, served on the Jamestown Town Council from 1999-2005.

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