2018-01-11 / Letters to the Editor

RITBA should look at alternative solar sites

To the editor:

Regarding the proposed solar array for the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority at Taylor Point:

In support of other fellow local conservationists we also believe cutting down a forested acre of land to “go green” is not a healthy option, nor necessary given the array of solutions at the turnpike’s disposal.

Why not use the already generous free open space just south of the bridge offices to install a solar array? That landscaped (already cleared) land is used for some parking but remains mostly empty.

One may only take as an example many European countries who have been utilizing solar energy for years on their highways by using solar panels to generate free electricity that double as sound barriers.

Imagine a 2-mile row of panels on the bridge’s south-facing side, which also would act as a sound barrier for the Taylor Point area. Additional panels then could be mounted low, preserving the view of the bay, and continuing down the remaining bridge span.

As steadfast proponents of green energy, we write from first-hand experience.

My wife and I have installed a photovoltaic system on our roof at the Village Hearth Bakery and also have a geothermal heating system at our home.

We hope the authority ultimately will do the smart and right thing by opting to leave an already pristine wooded environment that is critical to our quality of life here in Jamestown and, instead, utilize safer, more sound options as noted.

Andrea Colognese/Doriana Carella
Gondola Avenue

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