2018-01-25 / Letters to the Editor

Coyote trap sites are posted, well marked

To the editor:

Jim Dunphy’s (Jan 18) letter to The Jamestown Press contains reasonable concerns. I, too, would worry if Jamestowners had to “be on the lookout for traps” in town — but that is not the case.

To clarify, traps will be set in Jamestown but will not be set in the village or populated areas. The Narragansett Bay Coyote Study only traps in areas with restricted or no public access or on private lands (usually farms). We do not want to catch anyone’s dog and try hard to avoid it.

Before we set traps, we use motion-activated cameras to let us know when coyotes are regularly visiting. This allows us to reduce the amount of time traps are set. We inform the state, towns and landowners before setting any traps. Where appropriate, we post cautionary signs at access points in case someone is approaching the traps. If you pay attention to the signs, you will have no problem — you will know traps are ahead in plenty of time to leash your dog.

I hope this information is reassuring and we look forward to addressing coyote issues in Jamestown using the data we get from the GPS-collared coyotes. If you ever have questions you can contact us directly at the coyote information line, (401) 300-HOWL (4695) and you will get a call back. If you have sightings to report check out: http://theconservationagency.org/coyote-reports/ — we just updated our sightings map last week. Thanks for your help.

Numi Mitchell
Lead scientist for the
Narragansett Bay Coyote Study

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