2018-01-25 / News

School board chair sorry for remarks

During the school committee’s brief 16-minute meeting Jan. 11, Chairman B.J. Whitehouse apologized for insulting Alan Shawn Feinstein, a philanthropist and founder of the Feinstein Junior Scholars program.

Whitehouse called Feinstein “a charlatan,” which refers to a person who falsely claims to have a special knowledge or skill, similar to a fraud.

Whitehouse was referring to an incident in the 1990s in which Feinstein promised students $50 in exchange for good deeds, but instead handed them South African coins valued at 76 cents.

“I stand by every word of my account, but in my anger, I resorted to name-calling, which has no place in public discourse,” Whitehouse said.

“The world, especially our country, is contentious enough without sinking to character attacks,” he added. “I regret my remark and offer an apology to Mr. Feinstein, my fellow members of the school committee and the taxpayers of Jamestown. You all deserve better. The comment was mine and mine alone. I deeply regret it.”

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