2018-02-15 / Letters to the Editor

Mello talk on recent break-ins informative

To the editor:

Thumbs up to Chief Edward Mello on his excellent forum regarding the recent spate of home burglaries.

The two takeaways I found most helpful and reassuring were Chief Mello’s discussion of the tools and techniques, as well as the department’s aggressive use of these tools in their pursuit of getting to the bottom of solving these crimes, and the interface with the state police and the use of their K-9 unit, as well as multiple forensic techniques.

My second takeaway was an obvious and needed reminder of our responsibility to protect and ultimately prevent home break-ins.

Chief Mello discussed these issues in a down-to-earth, hands-on approach, including handouts of the issues discussed.

I also would like to thank Andy Wade and The Friends of Jamestown

Seniors for their efforts in helping put this forum together.

Ray Dunlevy
Bay Street

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