2018-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Want gun safety laws? Call your legislators

To the editor:

The Feb. 22 article “Euer backs measure aimed at gun control” should have been headlined “Euer backs measure aimed at gun safety,” a far more accurate description of the measure.

Also of note in that issue is an ad for classes in handgun safety and instruction, and boasting the largest inventory of guns and ammo in Rhode Island. Coincidence? What is the cost of a quarter-page ad, I wonder. What entity paid for that? And why now?

Dawn Euer is one of five Rhode Island Senate Democrats to co-sponsor a bill that would ban the possession, manufacture, import, sale and transfer of any device capable of feeding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The bill would compel Rhode Islanders who own these devices to remove them from our state or surrender them within 120 days. There is no need to revisit the horrific crimes committed with these weapons since Sandy Hook. This is sensible legislation.

But wait, a quick search of donations from PACs backed by gun owners, including the NRA, reveals that House Speaker Mattiello, Senate President Ruggiero, Majority Whip Goodwin, Reps. McCaffrey, Ucci, Jacquard, Ciccone, Gallo and Sosnowski, and gubernatorial candidates Trillo and Fung all have received donations from these organizations, the face of the gun manufacturers lobby. Most are Democrats; two are Republicans.

Is it possible for common-sense gun safety legislation to get a hearing, be reported out of committee favorably, and then be brought to a vote and actually succeed with these lobbyists watching? Let’s call the House and Senate leadership and make it happen.

Edwina Cloherty
Pierce Avenue

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