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Despite objections from 15 protesters, the newly formed harbor commission appointed Fredrick Krafft to the harbormaster post, The Jamestown Press reported March 15, 1990.

The residents opposed Krafft, a retired U.S. Navy commander from Middletown, because he is not a resident. According to Dennis Nixon, chairman of the board, an original slate of 56 candidates was cut to 12 finalists, which included five townspeople. Krafft, however, was the most qualified, he said.

100 years ago — March 18, 1918 (Newport Mercury)

The Fort Greble launch, which washed ashore on Conanicut Island, has been returned to duty on Dutch Island. It was torn from its dock during a heavy storm.

75 years ago — March 17, 1943 (Newport Daily News)

The town budget was set at $130,207, which is $1,200 less than the spending plan adopted at the 1942 financial town meeting.

Estimated revenues total $113,491, including $108,791 from tax receipts, plus reimbursements from the ferry and electric companies. The amount to be raised by taxes is roughly $106,532.

50 years ago — March 15, 1968 (Newport Daily News)

The fire department responded to 136 calls in 1967, according to a report submitted to the town council. The department, which consists of 60 volunteer firemen, is headed by Chief Arthur S. Clarke Jr.

The report shows firemen were called to fight 18 building fires, 27 brush fires and four auto fires. There also were 19 calls to pump water from flooded basements.

25 years ago — March 18, 1993 (The Jamestown Press)

Students and teachers are staying home from school in record numbers with fevers from the flu upwards of 104 degrees, according to school nurse Renie Sullivan.

In Susan Haskell’s kindergarten class, only six of her 19 students were present to begin the week. The overall rate of absenteeism ranged from 12 to 15 percent of the student body.

10 years ago — March 15, 2007 (The Jamestown Press)

Moody’s, a leading provider of bond credit ratings, has upgraded the town to a Aa3 rating because of rising residential property values and the low debt burden. Only eight other Rhode Island communities have a comparable rating.

This news will lower the interest stemming from Town Hall.

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