2018-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Remove concrete blocks left from race

To the editor:

The March 1 issue of The Jamestown Press had an extensive article on how the town can prepare for the May 2018 Volvo around-the-world ocean race.

As in 2015, thousands of visitors are expected to view the race. The best vantage point is Fort Wetherill. There were so many spectators in 2015, the police had to close the park. Unfortunately, a certain parking lot in the park remained empty. That lot is located adjacent to Highland Drive where Newport Street once exited.

Newport Street from Fort Wetherill Road to Highland Drive formed the official boundary between the U.S. Army fort and the town as detailed in the quit claim deed from the federal government of Aug. 14, 1973, and is listed on Page 821 Volume 66 of the land evidence records.

On Aug. 25, 1988, the state without authorization from the town or the federal government – which today still retains oversight authority over the park – ordered the destruction of that much-traveled paved road that had always been part of Jamestown.

The so-obviously-out-of-place huge concrete blocks sealed off the street and the parking lot. These blocks, which are sitting on town property, should be removed by the town thus giving access to that parking lot in anticipation of the race.

Frank Meyer
Southwest Avenue

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