2018-03-29 / Letters to the Editor

Town must look at school consolidation

To the editor:

As members of the Taxpayers Association of Jamestown, we attended the March 15 meeting between the town council and school committee.

At the request of the school committee, the superintendent of schools presented an optional scenario where Lawn School would be closed, Melrose School would be enlarged to accommodate the fifth-graders, and sixth, seventh and eighth grade would be moved to either North Kingstown or Narragansett schools.

It was clearly evident, and very disappointing, the report lacked objectivity and statistics because both the school committee and superintendent were clearly not in support of this option.

Had the report been more objective and detailed, it would be evident this scenario should still be considered as a viable option in the future, especially if the $250 million state bond is not approved.

The town of Jamestown no longer has the financial capacity to support two school buildings for a school population of less than 500 students.

Linda Jamison
Ocean Avenue
Mary Lou Sanborn
Bay View Drive

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