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Protesters walked a picket line in front of the school protesting the decision to disband the Special Education Local Advisory Committee, The Jamestown Press reported April 20, 1990.

According to state law, the majority of members must be parents of special education students, but the committee does not meet that criteria. Because they were not in compliance, the school board decided to disband the panel.

Julio DiGiando, however, challenged that action, saying the board had the authority to restructure the advisory committee, not terminate it. Di- Giando is a special education teacher who founded the board 13 years ago.

100 years ago — April 19, 1918 (Newport Mercury)

The county agent for the Farm Bureau has received a supply of furlough applications to temporarily relieve farmhands drafted into the Army. The goal is for employers to temporarily recall workers back onto their farms for the growing season.

75 years ago — April 23, 1943 (Newport Daily News)

The director of the local USO has pleaded not guilty to violating blackout regulations during the statewide preparation for air raids. Warran Ballentine, 45, was released on $50 bail.

Police have accused Ballentine of ignoring four different wardens who asked him to unplug the lights in his house on Conanicus Avenue. He did not follow these orders and lights were visible on all sides of his home, according to Chester J. Greene, police chief.

50 years ago — April 22, 1968 (Newport Daily News)

A New York cabbie was fleeced by a sailor who fled after being driven from New York’s Kennedy Airport to Newport. The fare was estimated to cost $135.

According to the cab driver, the suspect said he had to retrieve a money order from Western Union. One he left the taxi, however, the man ran down the wharf toward the ferry landing. Police checked the Navy YMCA to no avail. A description was given to shore patrol on both sides of the East Passage.

25 years ago — April 22, 1993 (The Jamestown Press)

The school committee voted 4-1 to retain North Kingstown as the district’s high school of record. Members also decided not to offer vouchers for other schools.

Committeeman Julio DiGiando was the lone dissenter. “I’m terribly disappointed,” he said. “There are too many questions open.”

Because they have been working on the matter for a year, the committee decided to vote on the measure before the upcoming election in which four of its five seats are up for grabs.

10 years ago — April 24, 2008 (The Jamestown Press)

The town has received a letter from the state Department of Transportation that says the pump station at Route 138 and Tashtassuc Road is not working. According to the letter, water that should be pumped into a sediment pond before draining into Narragansett Bay is seeping into the reservoir during major rain storms.

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