2018-04-26 / Editorial

Anonymous donor provides great experience for students


Editor’s note: Eva Junge is a seventh-grade student at Lawn School. About once a month, she will offer her take on some aspect of or program at the school.

This summer, look out for two bright, adventurous science students heading to Maine. They’re driving toward a week-long trip at Hurricane Island, paid for completely by an anonymous donor. They’re in for some work, little sleep and a lot of fun.

I would know — last year, I was one of them.

Jamestown is a small island, but it’s full of opportunities. This opportunity — to stay on a small island in Maine for a week — is a big one.

Students can sign up for the Hurricane Island scholarship by writing a short essay about why they should be chosen in terms of merit and financial aid. The students who receive the scholarship are intelligent, interested, and adventurous sixth- through eighth-graders receiving a $1,400 scholarship because of an anonymous donor. Not everybody has the ability to spend $1,400 on summer camp, so this scholarship gives any interested student the opportunity to learn about science.

Once they get to Hurricane Island, the learning starts immediately. They’ll go through a quick tour of the island and learn some of Hurricane Island’s history. Throughout the week they’ll learn about the island’s diverse ecosystem, including some of the marine animals, such as lobsters, and plants, such as lichen. They’ll eat some great food, meet some amazing people and get the opportunity to see a really small community working together, eating every meal together at the sound of the bell.

Hurricane Island isn’t just a science camp, an educational program or some island in Maine. It is a family. I am incredibly lucky to have been part of that family, and so are every one of Jamestown’s chosen students.

To the anonymous donor who provided us with this scholarship, thank you for giving Jamestown students the opportunity to learn, have fun and meet new people.

To the new Hurricane Island scholarship winners, good luck on your week-long journey this summer.

To all fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-grade students, I hope you apply for the scholarship next year. And to every Hurricane Island student, past, present or future, thank you for being part of the Hurricane Island family.

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