2018-04-26 / Letters to the Editor

Bond an affront to ‘Deplorable Dimwits’

To the editor:

The town council must think a new political identity group is present — its name is “Deplorable Dimwits.” Members are Jamestown voters who are deplorable, meaning deserving of contempt, and dimwits, because they are stupid or silly people. Ask voters about the proposed referendum and you’ll find many upset deplorable dimwits.

The town council must believe these voters are incapable of making three separate decisions in November to repair two schools ($5.9 million), construct a new golf course clubhouse ($2.9 million) and maintain the library ($1 million). It’s just too confusing. Funny, most children can count to three before they can tie their shoelaces.

Giving the umbrella title of “Jamestown Infrastructure Bond” to this “buy all or buy none” referendum is an insult to all voters. As the lone town council dissenter stated, it is “underhanded and sneaky.” Even a deplorable dimwit knows it.

We’re not dullards and we’re not heartless. We are the people who pay the bills, remember? Can Jamestown really afford all three projects? Perhaps some voters don’t think so. Will we see more umbrella referendums in the future? This could be a slippery slope.

Maybe the town council will reconsider its action and give voters the opportunity to make three independent decisions in November.

James FitzHarris
Spar Street

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