2018-04-26 / Letters to the Editor

Three votes are better than one

To the editor:

The points made in the April 19 issue of The Jamestown Press by Councilors Mary Meagher and Gene Mihaly in support of bundling three renovation projects (library, school, and clubhouse) as a single referendum could be used equally well in support of three separate referenda in November.

They note that “addressing all of these projects together will avoid pitting constituencies of one against those of another.” So basically, they are suggesting that regardless of whether you are a fan or foe of one project, it’s up or down for all three.

I was under the impression a democracy provides for individual consideration of the pros and cons of proposals before expressing an opinion with a vote. Regardless of one’s position on any or all of the “infrastructure” projects, voters should be allowed to clearly express that opinion on each at the polls.

Three referenda on the November ballot works for me.

Carol Crafts
North Main Road

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