2018-05-03 / Letters to the Editor

Best way to fight a bully is to vote no

To the editor:

With the argument in the April 19 edition, “Bundling projects best for town,” Ms. Meagher and Mr. Mihaly present in a condescending tone (a bully’s attitude) an “or-else” argument (a bully’s challenge) that details items within everyone’s grasp: “infrastructure” renovations to the schools and library, a new “clubhouse” for the public golf course, presently low financing rates, and an allegedly greater turnout than might be had at the now denigrated annual town financial meeting.

In bullying fashion, we are told we cannot pick and choose, but must have all or nothing.

The only way to deal with bullying is to confront it. My remedy, fellow Jamestowners, is to vote the “bundling” down in toto. Then, our town councilors may pick up the pieces and start over.

Richard Murphy
North Main Road

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