2018-05-03 / Letters to the Editor

RITBA should pay fee in lieu of taxes

To the editor:

In reference to the solar array, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority needs to be reminded the Jamestown Town Council only followed the law and the authority’s failure to make a payment in lieu of taxes can’t be blamed on the town council.

The record is clear that the council, acting on the advice of its solicitor, told the authority it had to go to the zoning board, just as others are required to do. The authority is not above the law, and the council should not be expected to ignore the law.

For reasons unknown, the authority did not go the zoning board and abandoned the project.

Blaming the council is tantamount to blaming it for demanding the law be followed as all are expected to do.

To hold back the fee in lieu of taxes that the authority always has paid to the town is misguided and disrespectful of the community in which it resides and does business.

God forbid one of our policemen, firemen, or medical workers should get hurt or worse attending an accident on the bridge or authority roads while it withholds its contribution for these important services and many others our town furnishes.

Quentin Anthony
Bay View Drive

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