2018-05-17 / Letters to the Editor

Town delay in addressing Nazi symbol unacceptable

To the editor:

I was disappointed to read in the minutes from the April 16 town council meeting that in response to a swastika being found painted on Reservoir Circle, the town failed to take action to remove it.

The questions regarding the length of time the symbol has been there are irrelevant and disturbing. Is the council unclear on their stance when it comes to hate symbols? Why would the length of time the graffiti had been there have any impact on the appropriate response?

I am quite sure if profanity was found spray painted on any town property, the town would simply remove it by painting over it, perhaps even that same day, without discussion or debate.

The fact this issue has been floundering for weeks, and the town council felt it necessary to continue to delay action rather than quickly and clearly disavow this type of message is extremely upsetting.

There is no question about the appropriate course of action in the case — paint over it and move on.

Tory Reiff
Bow Street

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