2018-05-17 / Letters to the Editor

Will Kitts remembrance a fine display for a fine man

To the editor:

Under a beautiful blue sky with a lone hawk swooping through the trees, those impacted by Will Kitts gathered together Friday to remember him.

The entire school and fire department joined Will’s friends and family to honor his life and his dedication to our community.

When my family moved to Jamestown, we were lucky enough to have Will and Mr. Kitts as next-door neighbors. We all know not to judge a book by its cover and that certainly held true with Will. That tough exterior covered a kind, giving, funny and deeply caring person. So many of us can retell stories of the small and large kindnesses Will showed us.

The fact we lost Will is tragic. But watching our island come together to remember him was really something special — just like Will.

It was a good day to call Jamestown our home.

Heather Conover
Lawn Avenue

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