2018-05-31 / Letters to the Editor

Solar power may not be all it’s said to be

To the editor:

In The Jamestown Press of May 10, 2018, in the article “Push for solar power is heating up,” we are told it “has the potential to save taxpayers significant money ... as well as doing our small part in reducing greenhouse gases.”

I have an ominous feeling we are being lead down the garden path with catchy buzzwords. Every solar installation is a legislated reduction in revenue for National Grid. To keep the grid operating, this reduction must be made up by increasing the electric bills of those of us who do not have the money to install solar.

I also would like someone to explain how the intermittent unreliable electricity from solar that enters the grid at the street level is communicated to and translates into an equal reduction of output from one or more of the base-loading power plants.

Frank Meyer
141 Southwest Ave.

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