2018-06-14 / Editorial

Lawn students’ career day is a real island treasure


Editor’s note: Eva Junge is a seventh-grade student at Lawn School. About once a month, she will offer her take on some aspect of or program at the school.

On Friday, May 18, us

Lawn School students walked to school with no backpacks.

Some were wearing swimsuits, some brought bikes. We all were ready for the best day of the school year — Island Treasures.

On the outside, Island Treasures is a more extreme career day. But on the inside, it’s a celebration of the amazing talent and opportunities in Jamestown.

We were split into 27 different groups of about 10 kids in grades 5-8, and put in one hour, 45-minute long morning and afternoon workshops based on our top five choices. For example, in the morning I headed over to the Jamestown Arts Center for printmaking with one group, and in the afternoon I stayed on site for splash art with another group.

One of the greatest things about Island Treasures is many of the workshops are off-site, meaning students can go to Windmist Farm, Fort Getty or even local shops, like Ace’s Pizza and Taste. Some kids even bike about 10 miles of the island with the owners of Jamestown Outdoors so they can learn more about Jamestown.

The idea of Island Treasures is to try something new. You never know what you’ll find interesting.

Last year, I did yoga, and I loved it. I’m a relatively stressed-out person, especially around the end of the school year, so yoga was really calming and fun, and was a great opportunity to try something I’d never done before. During Island Treasures, you’re with about nine other kids from the school who want to be there so there’s no complaining and no boredom — it’s the experience of being with people as interested in something as you are, which can be hard to find in school.

Many people think that in a small town (or small island) there aren’t many opportunities. Those people are very, very wrong. Yes, Jamestown is a small island, but that’s what makes it great. Because Jamestown is a small, close-knit community, it can work together to inspire the next generation of interior designers, bakers, glass blowers, photographers and yoga teachers.

So, look out world. We are Jamestown — small, but mighty.

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