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A cruise ship dragged its anchor across two underwater electrical cables, severing them and knocking out all power to the island, The Jamestown Press reported June 15, 2000.

According to Narragansett Electric, the Big Red Boat II tore through 6-inch diameter cables that were several hundred feet between forts Adams and Wetherill. Divers are expected to assess the damage to see if they are fixable. If that fails, the utility has a backup plan in which generators from Massachusetts will be connected to “light up the whole island.”

100 years ago — June 15, 1918 (Newport Mercury)

A young woman from the West, and her father, were escorted to the police station after she snapped a photo of Rose Island while riding on the ferry, leading officials to believe she may be a spy.

They were investigated by authorities from the U.S. Department of Justice. After they proved to be loyal citizens, they were allowed to leave. The woman, however, had to surrender her film.

75 years ago — June 18, 1943 (Newport Mercury)

A fire caused by an oil burner explosion destroyed the kitchen and dining room at Bertha Donnelly’s Ocean Avenue home.

Donnelly’s mother was the only person home at the time. She closed all the doors before rushing into the yard, where she collapsed. She was treated for shock by Dr. J. Allan Sweet.

50 years ago — June 20, 1968 (Newport Daily News)

The wife of Summit Avenue resident Saul Buc said she will appear at every town council meeting until officials do something about illegal burning at the dump.

The Bucs moved into the home about 10 months ago. Since then, heavy clouds of smoke have made living there “almost unbearable,” they said.

Andrew M. Brown Jr., council president, said burning at the dump is prohibited. A sign had been erected with that warning but it was stolen within three days. The councilors said they are considering fencing the property until the landfill program goes into effect.

25 years ago — June 17, 1993 (The Jamestown Press)

Whether the town’s harbor ordinance is violating the law apparently depends on which state agency is enforcing the regulations.

The Coastal Resources Management Council disagrees with the Department of Environmental Management on the definitions of moorings, slips and out-hauls.

Until the agencies are in agreement, the harbor commission will remain in compliance with the coastal council.

“All the commission can do right now is wait for the two agencies to hammer out standardized definitions,” said Don Armington, chairman of the waterfront board.

10 years ago — June 19, 2008 (The Jamestown Press)

Environmental concerns, deed restrictions and shadow flicker have narrowed the possible sites for a wind turbine from 10 to three.

A consulting firm hired by the town has concluded Beavertail State Park, Taylor Point and Fort Getty are feasible sites. The report, however, eliminated several impractical sites, including Fox Hill Farm, Dutch Island, Battery Lane and Lawn School.

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