2018-06-21 / Letters to the Editor

Bill would help state keep its physicians

To the editor:

I am the president of a group of state physicians trying to help retain physicians in Rhode Island during a time of a nationwide shortage.

I am a psychiatrist who has been practicing in Rhode Island for 20 years, serving as the chief of psychiatry at Kent Hospital for nine years.

I am concerned when many of my colleagues are complaining of being “burned out” and are considering early retirement and dropping specialty certifications. The main reason is that a private “board certification” testing company with unchecked power is inappropriately controlling their ability to practice medicine at significant personal costs. These are highly trained physicians in their 30s, 40s and 50s We need to keep them practicing in Rhode Island.

More than 420 Rhode Island physicians have signed a petition requesting the American Medical Association model bill H7964 and S2408 become law. This bill protects physicians from a company that essentially forces physicians to buy their products to practice medicine and it is one of the top causes of physician “burnout” nationwide contributing to early retirement.

A dozen states have passed some type of legislation trying to protect their physicians and patients. We think Rhode Island would do well to follow suit.

Our group represents the sentiments of more than 85 percent of Rhode Island physicians in regard to trademarked programs of this private testing company.

These bills will reduce the power of this private company over the practice of medicine in the state, in accordance with the American Medical Association’s policy, and will help with retention and recruitment during a time of a physician shortage.

Please sign our petition and tell your legislators to support the “Right to Treat” bills S2408 and H7964.

Debbi McInteer
Columbia Lane

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