2018-06-28 / Editorial

Dig deep so town’s display soars high

Our island has a long tradition of banding together to support local events, and the Fourth of July fireworks is no exception.

It is the centerpiece attraction in town, drawing more than 1,000 people — by far the most of any local festivity — to East Ferry to witness the colorful display above the bay and celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence and recognize our glorious history. It’s pure Americana and a feel-good event for all.

Yet, it has been loyally supported by just a fraction of the population the past 20-plus years. So far this year, about 200 people have contributed either through checks or via the donation cans around town a total of about $15,000, two-thirds of what the show costs to produce.

That’s great and the fact this is a completely privately funded display makes it unique, quintessentially Jamestown and more meaningful to the community that joined together to make it happen.

If we don’t financially support the fireworks, the volunteers who help organize it may just walk away and then the whole town loses. Donating is a vote of confidence in the unsung job they do each year.

There already is solid corporate support from many of the downtown businesses, but our residents need to do more. Every little bit adds up. If every person on the island gave just $5, it would be enough to cover the cost. If every attendee gave $10, that would be about half.

There will be people collecting money at the event, so please give whatever you can. Or send a check made out to the Rocket ’hogs, P.O. Box 1776, Jamestown, RI 02835.

Just like our forefathers united together to create this country, we should do the same to ensure we can properly honor them each July.

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