2018-07-05 / Letters to the Editor

Carr Lane lot could impact existing wells

To the editor:

I read the story in the June 28 edition of The Jamestown Press that the town has bought a lot on Carr Lane for affordable housing.

While we need affordable housing in Jamestown, I have some questions about this project. For some reason, that story did not mention the number of units planned for the site. This is a key point.

Does the town realize that private wells are the only water source in this area? Has the town considered how all these new units will rely on fragile private wells? There are no aquifers in Jamestown; private wells are a crapshoot.

Does the town care if these new units lower the existing water table for existing wells in this area? Does the town realize a lot of wells in this area get a gallon a minute or less at 300 feet, which is below state standards?

Has the town already dug wells on this site, and do they know how much water those wells produce?

Is there sufficient water on that site to support X number of new units?

Does the town care at all about the people who already live in this area and rely on private wells as their only water source?

Has the town dug wells on this lot, and do they know if there is any water there?

Is the town prepared to run town water up to the north end when these new units suck all the wells dry?

Just wondering. It seems that we existing residents in the Shores section of Jamestown, who rely on private wells, are forgotten stepchildren in all this.

James Thompson
North Main Road

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