2018-07-05 / Letters to the Editor

Plastic straw use is hurting environment

To the editor:

We all love a visit to the beach, don’t we?

Do you want to see plastic straws on your beaches?

There are tons of plastic in the ocean harming sea life and even humans. Plastic takes 100 to 1,000 years to decompose depending on the object, plastic straws take 200 years. Therefore Jamestown shouldn’t use plastic straws.

Restaurants and food businesses should not use plastic straws except upon request. Plastic straws are used usually only once then are thrown away. Plastic straws also are very light so they can be blown into the ocean.

Plastic straws can be consumed by sea creatures, and they also can be consumed when we eat seafood. According to the National Park Service, Americans discard about 500 millions plastic straws everyday or enough to circle the world twice if laid end to end. That means the U.S. will use 180 trillion plastic straws every year.

There are many other options other than plastic straws, such as bamboo, metal, silicon, paper, glass and recycled plastic straws. Plastic straws are in the top 10 littered plastic objects found on our beaches and waterways. This shows we should cut down on plastic straws because it is ruining our beaches.

Jamestown uses 8,736 plastic straws every day. We as a Jamestown community shouldn’t use plastic straws.

Declan Mollis
Lawn School fifth-grader

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