2018-07-05 / News

Spotlight shines on 4 town employees

Police Chief Ed Mello was one of four town employees to be recognized in their profession.

During a ceremony last month, the seven-year Jamestown vet was honored by the state Department of Transportation for his leadership. Following the death of Ryan Bourque, a Jamestown police officer killed by a drunken driver in May 2016, Mello became involved in the “Ripple Effect” campaign. Presented through a series of emotional videos, the dialogue illustrates that drinking and driving affects more than just the victim. According to the campaign, ripples from drunken driving “destroy families, terminate friendships, end careers, ruin holidays and negatively impact hundreds of lives in countless ways.”

As a board member of the Rhode Island Police Chiefs Association, Mello also has been involved in developing a records system that will enhance statewide data collection.

Also honored by the transportation agency was Derek Carlino, a Jamestown detective who joined the force in 2004. He received the Highway Safety Champion Award for his enforcement of impaired drivers.

The other employees to earn praise are both with the parks department. Betsey Anderson, who is entering her seventh month as senior coordinator, completed the Supervisor’s Management Institute through the town’s insurer, the Rhode Island Interlocal Risk Management Trust. The six-week program, led by professors at Roger Williams University, “is designed to enhance the job performance of front-line supervisors so that they can bring greater value to their local governmental entity and reduce organizational risk.”

Finally, the department’s foreman, Ron Parfitt, was trained by the Eppley Institute on playground maintenance. The certification was sought because of the new North Road playground, which is more sophisticated than the park built in 1990. Inspections also have become more stringent.

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