2018-07-12 / Letters to the Editor

New buildings worry Shores residents

To the editor:

The Jamestown Shores Association is greatly concerned about a growing negative impact on the limited water supply in our area.

The ongoing approvals of building permits on small lots that require significant variances, lots that otherwise would be unbuildable, are of great concern to Shores residents, all of whom depend on private wells for their drinking water.

Since its formation in the 1950s, the association, representing an increasing number of residents, has worked tirelessly to protect and enhance the island’s most populated region’s environmental health, uniqueness and beauty. Protection of our limited water supply, and enforcement of wastewater regulations — two of our major concerns — are challenged by the frequent granting of building permits that allow variances from the regulations put in place to protect us.

Through the years, the association has continuously worked with local officials on water protection regulations including the high ground water ordinance, sewage system regulations and town purchases of lots in wetlands areas.

These protections are vital to the safety of our drinking water supply and a healthy environment for all to enjoy. Building permits approved with variances that cumulatively threaten our water supply in our fragile and crowded environment, regardless of applicant pressure and state interference, should not be allowed. All of the island will be severely, negatively impacted should the Shores water supply be compromised.

On behalf of the association, we are asking the town council to insist all boards, committees, and officials who deal with the approval of building permits, enforce — not undermine — the rules and regulations that protect our water supply. The health and safety of our residents are at stake.

Ann Gagnon
Champlin Way
Jamestown Shores
Association president

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