2018-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Town is one that has delayed streetlights

To the editor:

The July 12 issue of The Jamestown Press introduced to the public an important savings opportunity we presented to the town in 2016.

The article also includes some misinformation I would like to address. The story stated Jamestown had “lost two years by working with PRISM.” In fact, the town has had the ability to save considerably on its streetlight expenses since PRISM, the Partnership for Rhode Island Streetlights Management, analyzed its resources and recommended next steps in late 2016 — reducing its then $62,000 annual streetlight expense to less than $10,000 annually. This savings is what the town did not pursue the last two years.

The town has had the agreement for the next step since we sent it in February 2017. Jamestown could have moved forward at any time since then but for some reason did not.

During those same two years, PRISM has helped or is helping more than 20 other communities purchase more than 40,000 streetlights from National Grid. PRISM has successfully managed the conversion of 34,000 of those lights to state-of-the-art LED fixtures and the savings are averaging more than 70 percent for these communities.

We can mobilize as many trained crews as needed. PRISM is efficient and experienced, but we cannot proceed without town approvals. PRISM manages all routine and 24/7 emergency maintenance, as well as LED conversions.

PRISM is a nonprofit corporation formed solely to develop and implement the Municipal Streetlights Investment Act, legislation sponsored by Rep. Deb Ruggiero that allows towns to control streetlight costs. PRISM is the only organization working with the public utility commission and the legislature on these issues.

Jeffrey A. Broadhead
Executive director, PRISM

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