2018-07-26 / Letters to the Editor

Immigrants have right to feel safe

To the editor:

Regarding our town standing up for the rights of immigrants: as Mr. Hitt said in his letter in the June 28 The Jamestown Press, this is a time to demonstrate the values of our community.

I urge the working group on the municipal immigrant protection ordinance to work quickly and focus their concerns on the rights of individuals.

One important function of government is to protect the most vulnerable people. In this context, the council’s stance on the proposed ordinance, as described in The Jamestown Press’ June 21 edition is quite concerning. With the federal executive branch aggressively pursuing immigrants, and only backing away from the most egregious child separation policy after intense pressure, we must stand up for human rights at the local level.

People in our community should follow the law, and should be afraid of proportionate consequences for breaking the law. However, people should not have to live in fear that a simple traffic stop could mean their family will be separated or they will be forced to return to a country where they feared for their life.

I urge the group to make sure the rights of all people are protected in Jamestown. Based on the meeting documents I have read, Police Chief Ed Mello has some concerns with specific clauses, but is generally accepting of the draft ordinance. For those areas of concern, the group can dig into the details and surely find middle ground that protects all of us and all of our rights.

Ethan Brown
Reservoir Circle

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