2018-07-26 / Letters to the Editor

Town should avoid sanctuary issue

To the editor:

The citizens of Jamestown soon will elect new town councilors who hopefully will concentrate on issues related to Jamestown and not waste time and tax dollars by succumbing to the pressure of ideological groups pushing their political agenda that has nothing to do with Jamestown.

A certain lobbying group of arm-chair lawyers is attempting to prevent our police department from complying with federal laws to protect a non-existing population of illegal immigrants on our island.

The group cites a recent court decision disallowing portions of a California law prohibiting sanctuary cities, a decision they believe will lead to a plethora of similar court decisions.

Nothing is further from the truth. Five states prohibit sanctuary cities and at least 20 others are weighing measures against sanctuary policies. At least 14 California cities and two counties have passed ordinances or filed lawsuits against the state’s controversial sanctuary laws.

Perhaps these Don Quixotes riding to avenge an imaginary injustice being done in Jamestown should read the entire decision: “This court … urges our elected officials to set aside the partisan and polarizing politics dominating the current immigration debate and work ... toward drafting and passing legislation that addresses this critical political issue. There is no place for politics in our judicial system and this one opinion will neither define nor solve the complicated immigration issues currently facing our nation. Our nation deserves it. Our Constitution demands it.”

I do not believe the court had the town council — on which two former members of the armed forces and one member of the bar have sworn to support the Constitution — on its mind.

It might also occur to the council that succumbing to the demands of this hate group will be a slap in the face of those of us who obeyed the law and came to this country legally.

Frank Meyer
Southwest Avenue

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