2018-08-16 / News

Police tout notification system

With homeowners on edge following the recent string of burglaries, police are reminding residents about a notification system that automatically sends electronic alerts during emergencies.

In the midst of searching for two suspected burglars, stretching from Lawn Avenue to the East Passage Estates, a robocall from Police Chief Ed Mello warned residents, via mobile phone, landline and e-mail, “to be vigilant and secure their doors.” Roughly 90 minutes later, an updated alert was sent to those contacts: “Two suspects have been taken into custody. There appears to be no other suspects at-large, and no further threat to the public.”

Since that day, the police department has received inquiries about residents wanting to register with Code Red, which is available for free through the town’s website. There is a button in the left-hand column of the homepage that links to the system’s registry.

According to Lt. Angela Deneault, there are three phone numbers connected to this service, which is useful to know for residents who routinely screen their caller ID systems. These numbers are 866-419-5000 for emergencies, 855-969-4636 for general alerts and 800-566-9780 for weather warnings. Deneault recommends programming these contacts into one’s phone.

If a notification call is missed, the message can be heard by calling the number back. Deneault is asking residents to refrain from calling the police station directly.

“Our dispatcher is likely busy with the emergency at hand,” she said.

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