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Results from a study have found proposed liquefied natural gas facilities in Fall River, Mass., would have a significant impact on the Narragansett Bay economy, The Jamestown Press reported Aug. 25, 2005. According to a report from Pare Engineering, LNG tankers traversing the East Passage would require a dominant security zone, including 2 miles ahead of the tanker, a mile to the stern and 1,000 feet on each side. “Newport may undergo a subtle shift in image from a sailing capital to a city on a busy commercial waterway,” the study concluded.

100 years ago — Aug. 24, 1918 (Newport Mercury) The town is endorsing plans from the U.S. Housing Corporation for the federal government to purchase land owned by Adolphus C. Knowles on North Main Road to build 10 dwellings. This partnership, however, does not have the authority to appropriate money. Like the agreement between the feds and the city of Newport, this nonbinding agreement is only a show of goodwill. Ultimately, the deciding

body will be voters at the annual town meeting.

75 years ago — Aug. 27, 1943 (Newport Mercury) On the recommendation of the U.S. Office of Defense Transportation, high school students traveling by school bus will be transported with elementary pupils. This measure is expected to save gasoline. There are no changes for students traveling by ferry.

50 years ago — Aug. 26, 1968 (Newport Daily News) Boats from the Conanicut Yacht Club finished 1-2 in the Prudence Island race sponsored by the Ida Lewis Yacht Club. John Parson’s Spindrift captured line honors while Paul Grime’s Decision finished in second place. Robert Wood’s Nina VI, in third place, was the first boat from the host club to finish. Wood was followed by Tom Potter’s Saga and Sean Cassidy’s Banzai.

25 years ago — Aug. 26, 1993 (The Jamestown Press) An emergency ban on all outdoor water use has gone into effect, and the town council said it will enforce a $100 fine for

homeowners who violate the order.

According to the ordinance, water in the North and South ponds are “presently below all previously known levels.” This is the first time in 12 years an emergency ban has been enacted. A restaurant serving water, unless specifically requested by a customer, also is a violation of this temporary law.

10 years ago — Aug. 28, 2008 (The Jamestown Press) Amina Brown and her crew aboard “Draggin’ Junk” won the unlimited class at the 31st annual Fools’ Rules Regatta, which featured 39 makeshift boats in five divisions. The judges presented their special award to Brown following her performance. The award for most ingenious design was given to Dick Karon for his boat “Silver Ball Express,” which finished in third place in the unlimited class. The worst example of naval architecture was awarded to Jeff Hunter’s “Blue Bayou.”

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