2018-08-30 / Letters to the Editor

‘Whale’s Tail’ project is too much, too soon

To the editor:

Public art in a community’s center should reflect its history and sensibilities.

The “Whale’s Tail” sculpture would be perfect on Nantucket, whose heritage is so closely aligned to whaling. I suggest a public art project at East Ferry that highlights either ferryboats or lighthouses, both central to Jamestown’s past and present.

Sufficient time for input should be given prior to a council vote — opinions from those who do not live or work at East Ferry. Sufficient time had been given to raise $70,000 from supporters of this project prior to last week’s story in The Jamestown Press.

Art feeds the soul. But the soul needs appropriate nourishment. And eating should never be rushed.

Alma Davenport
Clinton Avenue

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