2018-09-06 / Letters to the Editor

Council should uphold federal immigration laws

To the editor:

As a lifelong, law-abiding citizen of the United States and having worked most of my career in support of the U.S. military and the defense of its citizenry, I am very concerned the town council is on the verge of enacting an ordinance that would prevent local law enforcement from assisting the federal government in protecting citizens from threats posed by unvetted, illegal aliens.

These include threats to national security, as well as to the health and well-being of ordinary citizens as we just witnessed in Iowa with the killing of Mollie Tibbetts by an illegal alien.

This Conanicut Sanctuary group is trying to intimidate the council into creating a safe haven for possible violent criminals, drug dealers, terrorists and the like. It claims to have the support of 190 Jamestowners. This number represents less than 3.5 percent of the population, hardly anything approaching a significant portion.

Last time I checked, we live in a democracy, where the majority rules and makes laws for all. The United States is a country of laws and borders and we invite immigrants in through many doors. However, if you don’t follow the law, you don’t get in.

I, for one, will not hesitate to contact the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI or ICE if I see or hear something that violates federal law, such as the harboring of illegal aliens. Do you remember the aftermath of 9/11? We were asked “If you see something, say something.”

I will and many other Jamestowners will do the same. The council should not enact any ordinance or issue an open invitation for illegal aliens to take up residence here. Any action to undermine federal agencies from doing their job of protecting us will not be tolerated.

Hugh A. Murphy
Stern Street

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