2018-09-06 / Letters to the Editor

Land trust has worked to help town many times

To the editor:

As one who often experiences spotty cell phone reception, I appreciate the goal outlined by Mike Glier to provide reliable service islandwide. At the Aug. 20 town council meeting, he suggested three possible sites.

What I did not appreciate was the rather off-the-cuff suggestion the “best” site would be across from Godena Farm — actually a part of the farm’s conservation property with legal easements prohibiting building.

When I and another Conanicut Island Land Trust member indicated this likely would not be approved, I did not appreciate the disparaging remark from Blake Dickinson that “it’s not uncommon for the land trust to say no. In my experience, they typically say no to any cooperation with the town.”

In fact, the trust historically has worked with the town in its attempts to protect the island’s natural resources, wildlife, wetlands and historic sites, like the farm.

In one case, it purchased a large parcel abutting the reservoir that was about to be sold and transferred it to the town in an effort to protect its water supply. In another, it transferred 33 acres to the town. Perhaps Mr. Dickinson also has forgotten another council asked the trust to hold a development easement of almost 100 lots in the Shores which, in the spirit of cooperation, it did.

Obviously, as needs arise, the community must respond while still attending to the rural character of our island. Three sites were considered for a single tower. None would reach the far north end. Perhaps a different approach needs to be considered. Instead of a single, large tower, two smaller towers — one on the hilltop at the transfer station and another at the proposed Cedar Lane site — might serve the entire north end more effectively.

Or, thinking a little outside the box, the town might seek approval from the state to install antennae on the Jamestown Bridge lamp posts.

Carol B. Crafts
North Main Road

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