2018-09-13 / Letters to the Editor

Solar power saves money and has other benefits

To the editor:

This is in response to Frank Meyer’s Sept. 6 letter asserting solar increases rates for non-solar ratepayers.

Just last week, Synapse Energy Economics, a research and consulting firm specializing in energy, economic, and environmental topics confirmed rooftop solar on the ISO-NE grid, which includes Rhode Island, saved ratepayers more than $20 million from July 1-7 during the heat wave.

We can expect those savings to continue as the heat wave does. They also concluded “cost-shifting,” as described by Mr. Meyer, does not even begin to occur until a grid has more than 20 percent penetration of rooftop solar. Currently, Rhode Island is at about 0.05 percent according to the state Office Of Energy Resources. And that would be under the antiquated utility business model, which the state is in the process of changing.

As a part of our “Power Sector Transformation,” National Grid will be procuring utility-scale energy storage projects to allow renewable energy produced during the day to be used in the evening when demand on our grid spikes and solar production wanes. This also will lead to savings that will be passed on to all ratepayers.

The truth is, solar saves homeowners and ratepayers money, it creates good-paying jobs and helps keep our planet habitable for our grandchildren and all future generations.

Doug Sabetti
President Newport Solar
Vernon Avenue, Newport

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