2018-10-11 / Editorial

Meet candidates, learn who they are

The upcoming candidate forums at the library — Oct. 16 and 24 — are opportunities you should not pass up with just weeks until Election Day.

The former will host the eight Jamestowners seeking the five town council spots while the second includes the opponents for the state senate and representative jobs.

This likely is your best chance to interact with the candidates and hear their positions on the subjects facing our community. While some of the office-seekers may be known to you, it’s possible their views — especially on topics important to you — may not be.

Since there are several newcomers this year, it’s also likely you have no defined sense of them and these forums may help you crystallize your view and determine which potentially elected official’s opinions are most closely aligned with your own.

Our island has many pressing issues it must deal with and these elected representatives will be on the forefront of trying to accomplish those goals. Potential alternative energy sources, seal-level rise, road maintenance and the future of public spaces, such as Fort Getty and East Ferry, all will be dealt with in the next few years.

So, take an hour or so and attend both of these important forums. Even if you can’t make it, submit a question (as shown below) on a subject you care about so we can get the candidates on record on as many issues as possible. It is the essence of participatory democracy in action, and it only works if you make it work.

Candidate questions

The Jamestown Shores Association and The Jamestown Press will co-host forums this month for candidates vying for office.

The one for town council candidates will be Oct. 16. The one for candidates seeking state legislature, school committee and moderator will be Oct. 24. Both will be at 7 p.m. at the library, 26 North Road.

Questions for these candidates can be emailed to news@jamestownpress.com with the subject line “Forum question.”

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