On this day in 1938 the Great Hurricane struck the area. We were a 6-year-old first-grader at Carey School in Newport. They let us out of school early to walk home. We got there safely, but some Jamestown students weren't so lucky. *** Finally, some common sense. John A. Murphy sent this email to Town Planner Lisa Bryer last Friday. "In my mind's eye, I can see it clearly: a great addition to the stock of affordable housing in Jamestown, created in a truly 'painless' fashion. "And how might that pipe dream be achieved? "By using the space between the two water towers! "Don't scoff! Don't dismiss it out of hand as outlandish! "Think of a steel framework, going up eight or 10 stories. Each story contains an efficiency apartment, a home for a Jamestown senior anxious to continue living in our vibrant village, close to everything they need. For them, small and cozy, but handily located, is beautiful. "The apartment tower would be serviced by an elevator. A stairway for emergency access/egress would also be provided. "We could convert an ugly, industrial-looking installation into something attractive, something useful. Even the towers themselves could be made a component of handsome design. Think 'trompe l'oeil,' that is French for 'fools the eye.' The tanks could be painted in such a way so as to look to the casual observer to be part of the structure. "We could have a contest to create the best desisgn. A true challenge to our very creative architects. "Grist for your mill, humbly submitted." Or we could call it Murphy's Marvel. *** We had no takers on Charlie Masso's poser of why Frank Sinatra selected the beautiful titles he did for his album "In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning." Here's why, according to Charlie.: "All of the songs reflected his doomed relationship with Ava Gardner, whom he would love for the rest of his life. Back to the Old Lamplighter. 051p1_xlg.jpg