Wild weather swept over the island on Monday, causing waves to crash up over the new seawall on Conanicus Avenue. By Tuesday morning, the sun was shining and Lawn Avenue School science teacher Jim Kaczynski took his class outside for a peek at the school’s brandnew weather station. The recently installed weather station is the first phase of a new Science and Math Scholars program at the school and according to SAMS Project Manager Furhana DiBiase, Kaczynski will use real-time data gathered from the station to teach units on weather, electricity and renewable energy. “We’ll be using it to look at weather patterns, it’s a good analysis tool,” Kaczynski said. The equipment, which cost $4,000 and another $2,000 to install, will also allow islanders to gather weather information and predictions for Jamestown itself. Visit www.weatherbug.com and type in Jamestown’s zip code to access real-time weather data such as temperature, rain, wind chill, dew point and humidity gathered right at the school. Photos by Andrea von Hohenleiten 001p1.jpg