There was a good turnout Saturday at the annual Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Jamestown Women’s Club. Above, Evan Tuttle (from left), Ryan Delessio, Ryder Anderson, Cameron Tuttle, Parker Delessio and Matthew Hartley show off their candy-filled containers. Winners included preschoolers Lily Kincaid (right), Gwyneth Silvia, Ellie Bryars, Jake McNeil, Alex Castner and Graham Williams; and middle schoolers Corey Roos, Kelsey Gouvia, Sean Roberts, Ryan Rodgers, Callum Heffernam, Julia Littlefield, Meredith Coulter, Finbar McCarthy, Ally Sabourin, Sophia Mecca, Claudia Pratt, Annabelle Herring, Douglas Forbes and Koral Piccoli. 2p1.jpg