Bond resolutions also will be determined by voters at FTM

Along with housekeeping warrants, the local electorate will be asked to vote on two bond resolutions totaling $1.26 million at Monday’s financial town meeting.

Resolution Number 5 asks for $275,000 through the issuance on bonds for building improvements at the police station. Tina Collins, finance director, said this money would be used to update the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Resolution Number 6 asks for $985,000 through the issuance on bonds for the proposed lease of six pieces of heavy equipment by the public works department. It received equipment from a lease purchase approved in 2015, and with debt service from this bond set to expire, the department is seeking another lease for equipment needing replacement.

This includes a six-wheel dump truck to replace a 2003 vehicle ($230,000), a street sweeper to replace a 2006 vehicle for which parts no longer are available ($240,000), a loader to replace a 2006 version with an unfixed, rotted cab ($185,000), a tractor and roadside mower to replace the 2006 version ($185,000), a mini-excavator to replace the 2008 excavator ($75,000) and $70,000 for a slope mower.

If approved, debt service of $25,000 for interest only on these bonded items would be owed in the upcoming fiscal year.