Council calls for gratitude to teachers

The town council is encouraging the community next week to pay their tribute to local teachers.

The councilors at their April 17 meeting unanimously proclaimed May 8-12 as Teacher Appreciation Week in Jamestown. According to the proclamation, the council “supports our teachers in their mission to educate the children of our community.” They were commended for motivating and encouraging each student’s “academic, artistic, athletic and social development” through “a rigorous and relevant curriculum that prepares them to be lifelong learners, problem solvers and decision makers.”

Teachers, moreover, “are committed to high standards of personal performance and continually seek to improve their own skills for the benefit of our students. They also “strive daily to provide a healthy, stable learning environment for our children.”

Teachers at Melrose and Lawn schools, it concluded, “should be accorded high public esteem reflecting the value our community places on public education.”

Education in Jamestown, calculated by achievement, growth and success, is strong across the board, according to statewide accountability scores for 2022-23. The Rhode Island Department of Education, moreover, found no focus areas on the accountability report it released April 7.

The district tallied 25 of a possible 29 points in three categories. That included six of eight points for achievement, five of six points for growth and 14 of 15 points for success. Only four of the 62 districts — Jamestown, Barrington, East Greenwich and Glocester — scored six or more points in achievement.

Achievement is based on scores from the Rhode Island Comprehensive Assessment System. High schools are assessed by SAT scores but Jamestown is not applicable because it only serves students in K-8.