Have your voice heard about housing project

To the editor:

The next meeting for the condo development project at 70-78 Narragansett Ave. is at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 19. I am encouraging everyone to attend as I believe our community’s input will count.

This development will consist of 19 units, with 34 bedrooms on a 1.1- acre site.

The developers say this large development is better than any alternative, but other types of projects would have to receive zoning approval as well. Paramount in my mind is the actual size of the buildings and the number of occupants.

There will be five affordable-housing units, which allows the planning commission to bypass zoning regulations. I do not oppose affordable housing, however, I think everyone should be considering Jamestown’s water/sewer usage and its capacity to take on 50 plus residents. There are many serious concerns: drainage, traffic, both during construction and after completion, overflow parking on Narragansett Avenue (no parking is allowed during a snow emergency), light pollution (including 24-hour security lighting), noise pollution, garbage placement and removal, recycling, snow containment/ removal, with many specific components still unknown.

The devil is in the details. Will there be any “green” screening during the construction period? We all want to see Jamestown welcome new neighbors, however, we need to keep the integrity of the town, and its resources, intact.

More than 225 people signed a petition asking for a smaller footprint of all the buildings and a lesser occupancy rate. This is a major change to the landscape of the east village. This is not just a neighborhood issue, or a village issue, this is a Jamestown issue.

Dianne Grippi
Narragansett Avenue